Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Labour Demand and Growth in the Creative Technology Sector

Interactive Ontario, in partnership with the City of Toronto and The Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC), released their study on the creative tech labour supply in Ontario. 

The goal of the study is to understand the state of Ontario’s creative technology sector and its labour market needs.

Ontario is one of Canada’s leading technology regions with a diversified digital economy and a highly educated and skilled labour base. Ontario's digital economy boasts a long history of grassroots business success that has earned it the title of second largest information technology (IT) cluster in North America.

Creative technology is a core contributor to the province’s booming digital economy.  Creative technology requires skills in computer science, design, art, entertainment, and social sciences. Ontario has reported growth in areas including video games, immersive technology, and esports. 

This report "Ontario’s Next Gen Industry: Addressing Labour Demand and Growth in the Creative Technology Sector",examines strengths, opportunities, and key considerations in Ontario’s creative tech sector and labour market. This study investigates the labour needs (jobs, skills, seniority levels), recruitment and retention methods, diversity and inclusion needs, and other core considerations for the creative technology labour market.

Core takeaways of this research include the following: 

Creative technology talent demand persists. Many positions require a high-level understanding of the underlying technology driving applications and services,  strong “soft skills” like collaboration, critical thinking, and project management;  a combination of both technical and human skills.

Read the full summary here:

Link to ICTC News

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