Monday, September 21, 2020

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AGM               Annual General Meeting
 EXAMPLE  "Last year's activities and accounts will be discussed at the AGM."


Have no business  Meaning: to do something that you should not be doing

Example: You have no business discussing my personal life with your friends.


across the board MEANING: including everyone or everything
EXAMPLE: The company decided to give the workers an across-the-board bonus.


Under the table: Definition Hidden or secret, with the implication that the law is being broken
Example 1) My boss pays me under the table, so I don't have to pay income taxes.


Get down to business:  
Example:           We are here to talk about advertising campaign.  Let’s get down to business
Meaning:          Let’s start talking about our plans for the advertising campaign


get the ball rolling:  We need to get the ball rolling to prepare our presentation for next week's meeting. Explanation: to make something start happening


Some Definitions for "Business English"

  • Language for business situations
  • English in business usage, especially the styles and forms of business correspondence
  • Useful language for getting a job
  • Business English is a form of international English
  • useful language and phrases to improve your spoken/written communication skills in English in different business situations
  • a specialism within the English language
  • more business English at the following:

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