Friday, October 7, 2016

Study English in Niagara Falls

Please Note: Niagara Falls Language School is Closed

ESL in Canada Homestay Tutor Program & Internships Moved back to Toronto


Homestay is accommodation for international students with Canadian families while studying English in Canada.

Homestay can be a wonderful experience for international students in Canada. There are some excellent Canadian families that take a genuine interest in the international students and provide a wealth of experience and care to the students.

Homestay Tutor Program:

The "Homestay Tutor or Teacher Homestay" Program is designed for a Canadian family to add real value to the "Canadian Experience" of international students who travel to Canada to study English as a second language "ESL".

Homestay in Canada can be an excellent learning and practice experience for students to receive real one-on-one tutoring in English pronunciation, language rhythm, tone and timing. The student can hear oral demonstrations, practice their basic conversation skills with corrections in a positive nurturing environment that no mass language class in Canada can duplicate.

2017 Rooms rents are $ 500 per four-week period

Meals are $300 per four-week period

Tutoring costs are:

Plan A : 20 hours per month for $300 or

Plan B : 40 hours per month for $600 or

Plan C : 60 hours per month for $900

Books, reading materials, reference materials: $100

Registration fee: $150

Example Student Room Rentals in Niagara Falls

2 private bedrooms $400 each per month
Shared bathroom with fellow ESL student
air conditioning
Wireless Internet and desktop computer
Quite and friendly established neighborhood
15 minutes to Niagara Falls
Walking distance to outlet discount shopping malls
Share modern kitchen for meal preparation
10 minutes to "No Frills" grocery shopping
Smoke free and pet free

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