Friday, January 3, 2020

How to Register into Canada Schools

Step by Step Registration Plan for Canada Schools & Travel

PRE-Registration Steps

Step 1 - Write your list of Study Goals which should include university degrees or college diplomas or training certificates or school subjects or career training licenses.

This is also a good time to talk to your existing school guidance counselor or existing mentors who have helped you succeed to this point in your life. They may suggest additional resources or counselors to help you with your future study selections.

Step 2 - Collect your existing school records, certificates, degrees and make copies. This prerequisite information is needed by most schools as part of the admission process.

Step 3 - Research which schools offer your study subject goals (pick 5 to 10) You should research the accreditation of the schools to confirm that they are real, study programs are accredited and the school is in good standing. UNESCO and government education departments list accredited schools which can be accessed by international students.

You should contact any family members or classmates who have actually attended the school or schools that you have short-listed. Ask them for accurate information about the schools, teachers, programs and value of the degree or certificate to employers.

Step 4 - Estimate your study budget - tuition, travel and living expenses. Remember to save enough money for emergencies and even a flight home if you are required to return home for a family situation.

Step 5 - Contact schools or education consultants - ask for registration information, costs, eligibility, testimonials and references. Ask about required medical tests, vaccinations and mask policies and any medical document requirements.

(yes ESL in Canada can send free school information to students who require local assistance)

School Registration Steps

Step 6 - Send a preliminary application for registration to your top 3 schools.

Step 7 - Receive registration acceptance letter(s)

Step 8 - Complete one registration form, send initial registration fees. Remember because of the many problems with ESL schools only pay fees for 1 month. You can pay the balance month by month when you arrive at the school.

Step 9 - Use Acceptance Letter to apply for and obtain student Visa

Step 10 - Receive Student Visa

(yes ESL in Canada can provide admission assistance and agency services to students)

Canada Travel Plan Steps

Step 11 - Book accommodation - student residence or school homestay or short term hostel or share apartment

Step 12 - Send secondary fees or payments to the schools (books, homestay, activities)

Step 13 - Buy travel tickets

Step 14 - Read about location, weather, customs to choose appropriate clothes

Step 15 - Read about school program to choose your study resources (ie) computers, reference books and texts

Step 16 - Read about your new city for local travel, banking, cellphones, shopping, attractions, entertainment

Step 17 - Start to pack your clothes and resources for school

Step 18 - Get ready to go!!

(yes ESL in Canada can send free travel, accommodation and lifestyle information to students who require local assistance)

To start a program or have any questions- Please email ESL in Canada

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